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Canvass Clinical Research Institute is the best Clinical Research Institute In India. Having our main branch in Nagpur, we serve students from pan India. We offer customized clinical research courses to students from pan India. That makes us the top clinical research institute in India.

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About Canvass Clinical Research Institute In India

Canvass Clinical Research Institute In India has been providing clinical research courses since 2018. These courses are designed for different life science graduates.

We work as a Clinical Research Institute In Nagpur and provide our online learning services to students from pan India. We believe that for everyone courses should not be the same. Hence, for BSC students we have Masters in Clinical Research. For M.SC we offer Advance Diploma in clinical research. 

Also, students having backgrounds like BHMSBAMSBDSB.pharmaM.pharmaPharm D,, Nursing can enroll in a unique course of Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research.

Moreover, our online tutors of clinical research courses are highly experienced and are industry experts. Hence, we deliver comprehensive coaching of clinical research courses in India. In addition, our student-teacher ratio is very efficacious. 

Subsequently, that makes us able to pay heed to each and every student by conducting their one-on-one sessions. We also focus on the personality development of our students. Such sessions helps students to enhance their communication skills, interpersonal skills and soft skills.  

Courses at Canvass Clinical Research Institute In India

MSc in Clinical Research

Within this 4 semester, learn the human body, diseases and drugs in detail along with clinical research domains like Clinical Trial Management, eTMF, etc.

Advance Diploma in Clinical Research

In this crisp course, learn subjects like clinical trial management, clinical data management besides Anatomy, Pharmacology and much more.

canvass clinical research institute in India
Post Graduation Diploma in Clinical Research

This short course gives detail knowledge of all clinical research domains like Pharmacovigilance.

Post Graduation Diploma in Clinical Research

We introduce Our Leading Post Graduation Diploma in Clinical Research Course.

At Canvass Academy, the post-graduation diploma in Clinical Research isn’t only about learning about software or a particular job profile; it is a transformative journey designed mainly for B. Pharm, M. Pharm, Pharm D, BHMS, BDS and BAMS. Our curriculum goes beyond textbooks and provides a hands-on, real-based approach to clinical trials. From mastering Clinical Trial Management and Clinical Data Management to information Pharmacovigilance and regulatory intricacies, our institute students gain a deep knowledge of the scientific research landscape. As part of our dedication to holistic training, we offer an obligatory six-month unpaid internship, wherein students study their understanding of real-international eventualities, paving the way for a successful profession in Clinical Research.

Why is a 12-month course mandatory?

The twelve-month duration of our scientific research training program is designed with domain process knowledge, focusing on the holistic improvement of our students. Throughout this training program, we now emphasize not only instructional excellence but also personal increase and export readiness.

  • Comprehensive Training: Our curriculum covers a full-size spectrum of subjects, including Clinical Trial Management, Clinical Data Management, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, CV steering, personality improvement, capacity enhancement, and venture control. This holistic method guarantees that students are properly rounded and prepared for diverse worrying situations within the clinical studies place.
  • Hands-on Experience: We agree to gain knowledge through a practical-based internship through process-driven activities at sites, hospitals, or clinical research organizations.
  • Skill Development: Our process-driven curriculum includes training in venture control, equipping life science students with the organizational and analytical skills necessary to understand complicated scientific research responsibilities effectively.
  • CV Preparation and Personality Development: We offer devoted training on preparing a cover letter, CV making, interview handling, and SWOT analysis.
  • Unit Test Preparation: Regular unit assessments evaluate college students’ knowledge and progress. This allows us to tailor our manual and guidance to every student’s needs, ensuring that they are absolutely organized for assessments and certifications.
  • Six-Month Internship: As a necessary part of this training program, university students embark on a six-month internship. This arms-on experience in real-international clinical trials surroundings now not only reinforces their learning but also offers treasured insights, networking opportunities, and practical skills that set them up for an achieving career adventure.


We have committed, experienced faculty who focus on personality improvement to ensure that our college students acquire customized attention and guidance in enhancing their verbal exchange, interpersonal talents, and common expert demeanor.

Furthermore, our institution comprises more than 10 experienced faculty members who deal with technical subjects, including clinical trial management, clinical data management, pharmacovigilance, regulatory compliance, and project control. Canvass Academy ensures that students receive a thorough and in-depth education in all clinical studies, combining theoretical information with realistic understanding.

In addition, training is carried out daily from Monday to Friday. This regular time desk gives college students a consistent reading environment, ensuring continuous engagement and improvement throughout the program.

Job placement system: We promise all our students that our comprehensive training program will make them ready for the clinical research industry.

 We provide thorough training in system interview steering, covering vital aspects such as resume building, mock interviews, communication abilities, and professional etiquette. Our dedication extends to ensuring a hundred percent task interview schooling rate, equipping students with the confidence and abilities needed to excel in interviews.

Personalized Guidance: Our experienced professional counselors and college students provide customized guidance and feedback to help students identify their strengths, address areas for development, and construct self-assurance during interviews. This individualized guide enhances students’ readiness and competitiveness in the project marketplace.

Mock Interviews: We practice and guide students through mock interviews to simulate real global interview reports. These interviews allow students to exercise their responses, refine their verbal exchange abilities, and acquire positive remarks from enterprise professionals, preparing them to perform exceptionally well during real-interest interviews.

Skill Enhancement: Alongside interview education, we know how to improve students’ average employability competencies, collectively with problem-fixing, critical thinking, teamwork, and management. These abilities are important for succeeding in dynamic painting environments and securing profitable professional possibilities.

Networking Opportunities: We facilitate networking activities, visitor lectures, and enterprise interactions to connect college students with capable employers and agency experts. This networking exposure complements students’ visibility in the system market and opens doors to valuable career opportunities.

Continuous Support: Our activity placement technique extends past commencement with ongoing assistance and career guidance to alumni. We continue to be dedicated to assisting our students in achieving their professional dreams and thriving in the global professional world.

We are committed to coaching you with 100% job interview education, making sure that you are completely ready to excel in interviews and consistent with the task opportunities you choose.

We are committed to coaching you 100% job interview education, making sure which you are completely ready to excel in interviews and consistent with the task opportunities you choose..

Why Canvass Clinical Research Institute in India

Get the best learning experience

Canvass Clinical Research Institute in India focus not only on boosting up your clinical research knowledge but also rejuvenating your career in this multimillionaire industry...

100% Job Placement

Subsequently, after the course completion, we place students in Multi-speciallity hospitals, CROs, SMOs, Pharmaceutical companies, etc.

LMS Portal

Furthermore, our video library portal enables students to watch all live sessions in video recording format. So that, even working professionals can pursue clinical research courses with us.

Personalized Grooming Sessions

That besides, the personality development sessions help students to represent themselves correctly to grab jobs in clinical research in no time.

Case Study Based Syllabus

Moreover, the syllabus is designed in a way to give students a practical learning experience. We also provide internship for the same.

Must Watch Videos of Canvass Clinical Research Institute In India

Videos that can take you through the CR industry

Watch out for the videos by Canvass Clinical Research Institute in India to get detailed information about jobs in clinical research, salary in clinical research, entry-level job profiles in clinical research, how to become a clinical research coordinator and much more.

We provide what you need to grab a well paid job
Clinical research institute in India that works on improving your personality
1. SWOT Session
2. CV and Cover Letter making
3. Weekly one-on-one
4. English Classes
5. Grooming sessions

India is becoming a vital hub of clinical research, hence there not only many job opportunities but also a huge global scope for clinical research aspirants. On the top of that, due to low costs and high population of India, many multinational companies are setting up clinical research centers in India.

 As there are many opportunities, it is the responsibility of the clinical research institutes across India to train the students as per the industry requirements. Canvass, is one of those best institute for clinical research in India , which trains the candidates as per the industry standards and makes them job ready. We do not work as a government clinical research institute in India, we are a private institute, though, certified by ISO 9001:2015.

So, if you are wondering which college is best for clinical research in India?, then your search is over, as the top institute for clinical research in India is here to serve you.

5 April 2023
The institute provides excellent teaching about all the domains in the clinical research. They also conduct SWOT analysis session which help us to know ourselves better.
kunal dashottar
kunal dashottar
26 February 2023
sanjivani verma
sanjivani verma
26 February 2023
I have been working in this Institute from last 3 months and working environment is great, everyone here is very supportive, we work like a team .
sarab sidhu
sarab sidhu
25 February 2023
Team is absolutely knowledgeable and brilliant to work with. I have recently coordinated with Canvass team, they are so polite and well organised that work felt like fun.
Rohini sagajkar
Rohini sagajkar
24 February 2023
Canvass clinical research institute is really good opportunity for new comers to learn and get practical experiences on research.Their onsite experience and knowledge sharing is amazing
Vasudha Gange
Vasudha Gange
23 February 2023
I have been working in CCRSPL for the last 6 months, the culture is good to work and I have learned many good things here. Management is also very cooperative. Every day we get to learn something new. Good platform for life science students. This is the best organization for your career and I am thankful to be a part of this team.
Gurudatta Bhorkar
Gurudatta Bhorkar
23 February 2023
Canvass Clinical Research Institute is very student friendly and guided many students for their prosperous and suitable knowledge, training and professional growth. Overall courses, guidance programs are very systematically and scientifically planned as per requirements. This Institute sincerely supporting to develop bright Clinical Research professionals and helping CR industry's growth as well. I wish them very successful journey in future.
Bhagi birtharia
Bhagi birtharia
23 February 2023
Tejal Pantawane
Tejal Pantawane
17 February 2023
It was amazing
Nagma Imam
Nagma Imam
4 February 2023
Great institute
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