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History of Clinical Trials

History of Clinical Trials

Take a look of the origin and history of clinical trials

Origin & History of Clinical Trials

It all started back in 1747, when Dr. James Lind, a surgeon joined a British Ship named HMS Salisbury. He was appointed there to maintain the naval hygiene. During that period, mostly sailors were afflicted by a dreadful disease named Scurvy. Moreover, the fatality rate among the sailors had been increased magnificently due to the disease. 

Besides, in one of the surveys conducted by Dr. Lind , he found out that the British sailors are more likely to get afflicted by Scurvy that that of the French & Spanish sailors.

Origin and History of clinical trials

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Dr James Lind
14 days Diet Regime

Sailors followed a 14 days regime and gave best results.

Firstly, according to Dr. James’s study , a person could get affected by Scurvy due to putrefaction of the body that could be cured through the introduction of acids. So, he decided to conduct a clinical trail – the first clinical trial of world’s history. For that, he formed 6 groups of sailors, with 2 sailors in each group. Moreover, each group had to follow a particular diet and regime for 14 days.

During his trial, he determined that, the group on citrus food diet i.e. Oranges and Lemons started to recover from the disease. To elucidate, Oranges and Lemons gave the best result being the food resources of Vitamins C. 

As a result, this trial had created a way to keep sailors safe from scurvy in the years to come. 

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Ask Your Queries

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Watch out the video to get a clear comprehension on the Origin of Clinical Trials. This discovery of Dr. James Lind on 20th May 1747 is celebrated as International Clinical Trial Day.

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