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Scope of Clinical Research In India

Scope of Clinical Research In India

Well, the scope of Clinical Research in India is getting wider day by day. The Clinical Research industry is garnering fandom in India and opening multiple doors of job opportunities for the trained clinical research professionals.

 Additionally, clinical research includes providing scientific analysis of the safety, efficacy, risks and impact of a new investigational product or medicine. 

Moreover, the trial are done in different phases before the medicine get launched to the market. After it gets launched, monitoring is maintained on the safety, efficacy, and side effects (if any) of the drug. 

To be said, it is the perfect time to enter in this booming industry and get grabbed by the top organizations in clinical research profiles. Of course, pursuing a suitable clinical research course, can make you succeed in clinical research domain.

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Career Scope of Clinical Research In India

At present, the Indian environment is becoming conductive to clinical trials. However, it is essential that all stakeholders work towards the common goal of conducting quality trials which assure human subject protection while ensuring data integrity of the trial.

Above all, India participates in only around 2% of global clinical trials & has tremendous scope to grow in this industry. India has 16% of world’s population & carries 20% disease burden in the world. 

So, our government is also promoting clinical research industry by making ease to the guidelines.

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Working in this industry requires a detailed knowledge. Hence, we conduct diploma and degree courses for life science students. In this way, we help students to grab jobs in the clinical research industry.

Job Profiles in Clinical Research In India

Besides, the scope of clinical research in India is high as there are different job profiles where candidates can apply as freshers. Each domain of clinical research encompasses different job profiles from entry level to managerial level. Where the entry level jobs can be applied by freshers, managerial level clinical research jobs demand certain years of experience. Although shifting career from one clinical research domain to other is possible, we recommend our students to build their career in a single niche of clinical research industry. 

Again, a specified experience, hence, can create a better scope in the field of clinical research for you.

Clinical Operation

  • Clinical Operation Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Clinical Team Leader
  • Inhouse Clinical Research Associate
  • Centralized Clinical Research Associate
  • Clinical Research Associate
  •  Clinical Trial Assistant
  • Clinical Research Coordinator


  • Head Pharmacovigilance
  • Pharmacovigilance Physician
  • Safety Expert
  • Medical Monitor
  • QC/QA Coordinator
  • Data Analyst

Medical Writing

  • Medical Writer
  • Executives

Quality Assurance

  • Head – QA
  • Lead Auditor
  • QA Executive
  • QA Trainee / Assistance

Data Management

  • Head Data Management
  • Lead Data Manager
  • Assistant Data Manager
  • Validation Programmer
  • QC/QA Coordinator
  • Clinical Data Management Coder
  • Data Coordinator/ Data Analyst

Regulatory Affairs

  • Head Regulatory Affair
  • Manager
  • Assistant Manager

Medical Affair

  • Medical Advisor
  • Executive


  • Head Biostatistician
  • Lead Biostatistician
  • SAS Programmer
  • Validation Expert
  • Trainee Analyst


  • Centralized Data Monitor
  • eTMF Specialist

To conclude, its high time for clinical research aspirants to enter in this multimillionaire and ubiquitous industry to build a successful career in it. Although the scope in clinical research domain in India is high, it requires detailed knowledge to get hired by top clinical research organizations. More importantly, students can always reach to Canvass Clinical Research Institute to pursue the comprehensive and customized clinical research courses. What’s more, Canvass works as the best clinical research institute in India where the life science students can enroll themselves to enter in clinical research industry. 

 Canvass is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institute in India and offers three clinical research courses. Firstly, Post Graduation Diploma in Clinical Research, Advance Diploma in Clinical Research and MSc in Clinical Research. The eligibility criteria is different for each course. 

Comment below, if you want any further information. Click here to know the Clinical Industry from its rudimentary level.

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