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Career Opportunities For Freshers In India

Career Opportunities For Freshers In India


There are lot of career opportunities for freshers in India. This industry is an extensive marketing consists of prolonged studies. Such studies play an important role in the drug development process. Within the clinical trials, a large amount of research carried out. The research carried out to rectify the safety and efficacy of the new treatments before it gain the authorization to be available in the market.

career opportunities for freshers in India

Canvass Clinical Research Institute In India offers clinical research courses to life science graduates to enter in this industry.

Current Scenario of Clinical Research Industry

In the current scenario of CR industry, the leading country is the USA, then China, followed by India at the third position with a share of 6%. At present, the Indian environment is becoming conductive to clinical trials. However, it is essential that all stakeholders work towards common goal of conducting quality trials which assure human subject protection. Also ensuring data integrity of the trial. India has 16% of the world’s population and carries 20% disease burden in the world.

Our government is also promoting clinical research industry by making ease to the guidelines. Hence, there are a lot many career opportunities for freshers in India. The global clinical trials market size was estimated at USD 60 billion in 2019. It is anticipated to expand at CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 12% during the forecast period from 2020-2025. In 2021, India has approved more than 100 clinical trials to get conducted globally.

Moreover, from 2013-2019, Indian government and Central Drug Standard Control Organization updated mini guidelines and trained mini clinical research people. So that, India can also grow in the clinical research domain. Furthermore, such initiatives by the India government and clinical research stakeholders have boosted up the career opportunities for freshers in India.

Career Opportunities

for freshers

To explore the career opportunities, students must explore the entry level jobs in clinical research industry. There are different domains in clinical research in which students can start their career as a fresher. Some of them are Clinical Research Coordinator, Data Analyst, Drug Safety Analyst, Ethics Committee Coordinator, Medical Coder, Medical Writer, etc.

 Let us explore some of the job profiles, students could opt for as a fresher, but with proper knowledge and skills.

Career As A

Clinical Research Coordinator

Freshers have huge scope to work as a CRC. As a CRC, a person has to coordinate with the patients, Principle Investigators (PI), and other stakeholders involved in the clinical trial. Most importantly, a CRC majorly involves in screening, randomization, monitoring preparation and patient recruitment. Again, audit or visit preparation at a particular site is a responsibility of a CRC. As a CRC, you have to help patients in filling up the forms such as ICF(Inform Consent Form) or ICD (Inform Consent Document).

Life of CRC - about us
life as a dsa - about us

career as a

Drug Safety Analyst

Furthermore, students can work as a DSA in pharmacovigilance domain. In this field, an employee has to work on daily allocations. The number of these allocations vary from project to project. DSAs work on different databases.  some of them are ARGUS, ARISG, Medidata Rave, Clinphone, Syntract, etc. A DSA works in the data entry team. What’s more, is that, completing the narration of the case is also the responsibility of the data entry person.

Career as a

Medical Coder

Medical coding is a part of clinical data management in clinical research domain. In this domain, there is a huge scope for freshers. To elucidate, each diagnosis and drug involved in clinical trial, has been defined differently in every country across the globe. The data which is coded under a clinical trial is medical history of patient, Adverse Events, Serious Adverse Events and Concomitant medications. Just so you know, concomitant medications are those medications which a patient takes along with the IP (Investigational Product) during the conduct of whole clinical trial.

Skills You Need to Enter In CR Industry

Domain Knowledge
Soft & Interpersonal skills
Communication skills
Critical Thinking Skills

There are a plethora career opportunities for freshers in clinical research industry. However, it is important to have proper domain knowledge to work in any particular field. Canvass, the best clinical research institute in India helps students to gain such domain specific knowledge through its customized courses. Most importantly, canvass clinical research institute in India assists students to apply for the right job at the right time. So, enroll with us to enter in this multimillionaire industry. Click here to read our other blogs.

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